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Marshall Sherman

My name is Marshall Sherman, an elder at KCC. My wife's name is Linda. We were married at KCC in 1971. I began attending KCC in 1965 when my parents moved here while I was in high school. I prayed the prayer of salvation when I was 7 but began walking with the Master in my early twenties. Linda and I have been in and out of Kremmling and the Father has been faithful to teach us and grow us along the way. I have been a part of church leadership since my mid-twenties teaching classes, small groups and sharing from the pulpit. Was a staff Pastor at Vinelife Church from 2003 to 2009 overseeing the finances and facility, teaching and leading a small group, then came back to Kremmling as an Associate Pastor until May 2017. I currently oversee the finances and facility and teach at KCC.

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