Stirring Groups

Stirring Groups are intimate groups meeting in homes both locally and regionally twice every month

for the purposes of:

 1) Hearing

2) Seeing

 3) Praying


Hearing: Each group will be facilitated by leaders who have been equipped to hear the voice of God and trained to empower others to do the same. Hearing God’s voice may come through Scripture, song, Word, impression, pictures, visions, ect. We believe and understand Scripture as perfect and holy and that our value for His voice never contradicts what we have in His written word. These groups would listen together and practice discernment in intimate community about what God is saying. The groups would also steward the Word of God partnering with it’s implementation and seeing it in action.

Seeing: Each group will be facilitated by leaders who have been equipped to tell the ongoing story of God among us and who are trained to empower others to do the same.  These testimonies will help us see with greater clarity what God is doing in us, on us, around us, and through us thus raising our awareness of His activity and His invitation to us to join Him.  When we all share in the telling of this story we all see more clearly and enjoy doing those things with Him.

Praying: Each group will develop divine prayer strategy as we grow in our hearing and seeing because we will be praying powerfully and in agreement with what God is saying and doing. We will also being praying full of faith and anticipation in these intimate gatherings and consistently celebrating the answers to our epic prayers.


These groups will re-launch in September!

For more information contact Robbie James at:

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