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Robbie and Cynthia James

Robbie is the Senior Leader and Cynthia is the Family Pastor here at KCC. After 25 years in ministry they arrived in Kremmling in June, 2019. Their creative and innovative approach at KCC connects individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds while positioning them for life changing encounters with Jesus. Robbie has an undergraduate degree in Theology, a Masters degree in Missiology, and Doctorate in Ministry with an emphasis in experiential discipleship. He is passionate about reaching generations, renewing families, raising revivalists and equipping leaders. Cynthia has a Masters degree in Social Work and has a heart for family restoration and seeing everyone become whole and fully alive with Christ.


Robbie, his bride Cynthia, and their two children love adventure and believe their mission is to reveal Jesus and change lives. Robbie and Cynthia live with a deep conviction that God is moving mightily in this generation. Together, their family centered approach to ministry recognizes the unique significance of each person in the family at KCC. Moving from a foundation of love, and not fear, they live from a place of overflow from intimacy with the Lord which pours out into community. Robbie and Cynthia are convinced that when we are equipped with a clear understanding of our identity and destiny, we are free to “re-present” Jesus to everyone around us and in turn, change the planet.

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